Comfortech Bike Rentals and Retail Store



Welcome to Pelee Island for our 2017 Season.

Enjoy your stay and stop in at Comfortech to say hello. We are here to help make your Island experience everything you hope for. Relax enjoy our beaches biking, wine gardens and wildlife on our beautiful Island.




Comfortech Bicycle Equipment Rates

Adult Bikes                $25.00 per day       $10.00 per hour            

Under 18 yrs helmets required   N/C

Childrens Bikes          $10.00 per day       Helmets required       N/C

E-bikes                         $50.00 per day       Helmets required      N/C

Child Cart                    $20.00 per day        Helmets required      N/C

Tandem Bikes             $45.00 per day

Three Wheel Bikes     $30.00 per day


Minimum of one day rental  with  two bikes for deliveries.

Taxes are includes to all equipment rental pricing.                                                    


Comfortech Bicycle Rental and Retail Store and staff

are in no way affiliated with EXPLORE PELEE or thier staff on  Pelee Island.